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The Gender Agenda

Female, male, trans, pre-transition, genderqueer, gender neutral, gender variant, intersex… Gender diversity is a major issue among young people – and one that is intertwined with other key areas such as mental health. So, what does gender actually mean today and how is this reflected in our society and in different communities? What are the biggest…

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By Young People, for Young People

How do we ensure the services we are working or volunteering for are the services that young people really need and want? We look at some great examples of where young people have taken the lead.   Chaired by Jessica Taplin, CEO of vInspired. The panel includes Devan Witter from Fixers, Sarah Allen from Involve, Georgia…

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An Appetite for Science

TV ‘Gastronaut’ Stefan Gates will demonstrate how easy it is to engage young people in science in any setting, using low cost kit from your local pound shop and a bit of imagination! Our science guru will help you digest the world of nutrition with experiments that will make tongues tingle, stomachs churn and hair…

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