Youtube Presents- Internet Citizens: Let’s make a better web! Identity

Run by Youtube this is an insightful workshop exploring the power of the Internet, and the skills and knowledge needed for young people to be confident digital citizens. This includes looking at social media issues and online wellbeing including relevant modern day issues of fake news and echo chambers; empowering young people to recognise how people and groups seek to manipulate their actions and opinions online; and helping participants understand and respond appropriately to negative behaviour online, in order to allow them to safeguard themselves and others.

YouTube is launching Internet Citizens, a series of workshops for 16-18 year olds in cities across the UK as part of our global Creators for Change programme. This 1 hour workshop provides an introduction to the programme which is designed to help young people discover the skills they need to express themselves safely and responsibly online and learn about the tools they can use to make the internet a positive place.

The workshops are hosted by Fusion and Efe, along with a special YouTube star Nadir Nahdi, Founder of BENI, who have mastered the art of using their voice and creativity to drive social change.