Young people unite us

Every young person has potential. No matter the choices they have made in the past, or the present, they have the potential to become leaders and role models in our society. Sometimes they just need a helping hand to get there.


Events like Creative Collisions are an opportunity to pause and remember this. During the day, we will have the chance to sit back, listen, learn and contribute to breakout panels, debates and workshops that tackle the big themes of social mobility, identity, youth engagement and skills for the future.


By coming together, we will be able to pull apart the high-level issues facing young people and uncover practical, approaches that we can all learn from. We will have a better understanding of how to support each young person to find their potential. We will create new networks and partnerships to strengthen our organisations and our sector, and we will spark innovation and walk away brimming with new ideas to take back to the young people we work with and for.


We need to think big and tackle these issues in ways that no other sector does. We are made up of a huge range of organisations and causes – working with young offenders, with children who have special needs, with gangs, with bereaved families, with schools, with young people in care, with the homeless, with emerging leaders – the list is endless.


We are a truly vibrant, diverse sector. To outsiders we may seem like a miscellaneous collection of large and small organisations, but we are united by the belief that young people matter. Our work matters. Our sector matters. This isn’t a new idea, but it can be hard to remember sometimes, especially as the world becomes faster paced, funding becomes harder to find, and services disappear.


Even as it can feel like our sector is fracturing, there is fantastic work happening to bridge the emerging gaps – new partnerships and being forged, innovative approaches are being launched and we never stop supporting every young person we work with to unleash their potential.


At Leap Confronting Conflict, we are proud to be part of Creative Collisions. This is the 5th time we have joined with others to create an event where ideas are born, shared and taken on by the sector. Each year we see new partners join – and this year is no exception. Nine of the UK’s leading youth charities are working together to bring you a fantastic range of speakers and organisations that will help us tackle some of the biggest issues facing young people.


By coming together, we are already a step closer to unleashing the next generation of leaders and role models for our society.


Leap Confronting Conflict is one of nine youth organisations partnering to deliver Creative Collisions 2017.

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