Life After NCS

At NCS, we’re passionate about giving young people the skills and resources to gain some amazing opportunities once they graduate from the programme. We asked our grads Dan, Jess and Max what they’ve been up to – read about how NCS has helped them take on new opportunities.


For Dan, NCS has pushed him to make his own life decisions giving him the  independence he needed to book a flight to Japan and travel all on his own. He stayed in hostels and because of NCS, he was comfortable with inductions and felt more open when talking to, and meeting, all kinds of people. Since his NCS journey, he’s also put his new skills he learned on NCS to practice at the Cabinet Office, where he works at Number 10. Dan revealed, “I can definitely say the skills I gained from week two helped me get a job faster”.


Once Jess graduated from the programme, she received an opportunity on our NCS graduate website (called the Opportunity Hub) to intern for RockCorps. After getting an interview, Jess was offered the Social Media Assistant role where she was responsible for the global RockCorps social media pages and got the chance to talk about music, charity, young people and social action. But that’s not all that Jess has been up to since completing NCS. She’s also attended East London Arts & Music where she got the chance to interview DJ and television presenter Annie Mac. Because of this experience, Jess found an inner passion for radio and received the Radio Producer Apprentice role at BBC Radio 1. “NCS has given me the confidence and skills to apply to NCS Leaders, travel and find my way through music school and BBC!


Since completing NCS, Max decided to dip his toes into radio for a Holmes Chapel radio broadcasting station, Dane Sound Radio. As a Web Developer, Max was responsible for developing their website to create a platform with all the information about the station. He also gets involved as a radio presenter where he has a regular show audiences can tune into.  What’s more, out of 20,000 applicants, Max was one of eight students chosen to sit on Virgin Media’s Digital Youth Council. He took the stage and presented at the largest teaching conference in the UK, with 3,000 teachers in attendance. He even got the chance to meet Sir Richard Branson himself. “Working at the station and taking part in launching Dane Sound was such a new experience and something many young people don’t get the opportunity to experience.”


It’s inspiring to see how grads have developed the confidence and skillset to pursue some remarkable things after NCS. To read more incredible stories, visit our blog! And don’t forget to join the NCS session at Creative Collisions Dismantling the Opportunity Lottery where NCS Grad Dan will be speaking more about his experiences.


National Citizen Service is one of nine youth organisations partnering to deliver Creative Collisions 2017.

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